We send your bills via email to your customers

What exactly is eBilling?  Glad you asked! Actually, eBilling is a term that is thrown around loosely and can take on different meanings depending on who you ask. For us, eBilling is the process of delivering bills to your customers via email. 

There are two ways to send eBills:

  1. An email is sent to your customer with a PDF copy of the bill attached to the email. This method is typically utilized in situations where you do not want or need the customer to login and pay the bill and security is not an issue. 
  2. An email is sent to your customer directing them to login and view the bill on your Online Bill Pay website. This method is utilized when you do not want to email the actual bill or your customers want to login and pay their bills. 

How do we know which bills are to be sent via email and which bills are to be printed and mailed?

Well, that is another great question! And you’ll like the answer. Basically, our system keeps up with your customers for you. When they go to the OnLine Bill Pay website for the first time, they setup a login and the system links them to their account. At this time, they also can choose if they want to no longer receive paper bills. Once that is done, our system will automatically determine the delivery method for each of your invoices as they are processed. 

You have complete control and can login yourself to our eDeliveryManager. You can see who has signed up, grant them access, find out what they paid, and much more. You can also link multiple accounts to a single login, in situations where a customer may have more than one account. Once they are linked, the customer will see all of their accounts when they login.